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News update: Enlyo 2.0

We are excited to announce the launch of a new version! We have been working hard to bring you this updated version and we hope you will love it as much as we do. A lot has changed and we expect to roll out many updates in the coming weeks working towards a fully stable version. We are always looking for ways to improve and enhance the user experience, so please feel free to share any feedback or suggestions you may have with us. If you like, we can schedule a meeting to present the new updates and help you get started.

What has changed

  • Overall design & stability:
    We have completely redesigned the tool, with a focus on stability, speed, and usability. We’ve also made significant updates in the structure to ensure that the tool performs at its best.
  • Split screen:
    A new Feature! You can now display multiple points of views at the same time. If you coach League of Legends, you can even have an enlarged map view as split screen POV!
  • Reviews:
    A new feature! You can easily start recording your screen including camera feed and make a short review which you can subsequently send to someone. We are very proud of this new feature and think it will help a lot in your day to day work
  • Overview pages:
    You can now choose between list view and card view. Also, you can also use the multiple select feature to perform actions in bulk.
  • Tagging & filters:
    We have completely revamped the tagging system and, from now on, filters will stay active when you go to another page.
  • Playlist:
    You can now quickly add multiple moments to a playlist with and it is also possible to change the order of the playlist.
  • Sharing room:
    We have drastically improved the stability and the usability of the sharing room.
  • Export:
    New feature! You can now export videos, clips, and playlists which can subsequently be shared on social media or used in presentations.
  • Team channel:
    We have simplified and improved team channels so you can create that shared knowledge base for your team!