Make your VOD reviews spectacular

Bring your reviews to the next level with a player designed for reviews and visualization tools that just work.

Draw on video

Draw on the video to visualize your thoughts.

Detailed Map POV

Go to the detailed Map POV to review the big picture.

Time specific notes

Add (time-specific) notes & drawings to capture your thoughts.

player vod review lol

Advanced player settings

Use advanced player controls to control exactly where to go.

draw vod review tool
map pov vod review lol
time notes vod review lol
advanced player settings vod review lol

Build your own searchable library

Create one central point for all your VODs and the most important moments in those VODs.

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key moments vod review lol
add vod review video
categorize vod reviews lol
playlists vod review


Create playlists so you can review similar moments across games.

key moment vod review


Mark key moments of the game so you can focus your review on what matters.

video vod review


Upload videos from YouTube, Twitch or from your own computer (coming soon). 

categorize vod review

Categories & Tags

Add categories & tags so you can always find that one video, moment or playlist.

Review any place any time

Whether you are in the same room or work remotely whether it is a live stream or a VOD, we got you covered.

Group review

Start a group review session where everyone can control the player remotely.

vod review live

Live analysis

Start a live analysis session, so you can review in real time.

share vod review lol

Sharing & collaboration

Share your video, moment, or playlist with other users so you can analyze together.

channels vod review


Build a shared library of videos, moments, and playlists with your team. 

group vod review
live vod review
sharing vod review
channel vod review

Access a VOD library of 10.000+ games

Analyze your next opponent, scout potential new players, or use top-level games as inspiration.

live stream vod review library
vod review library
vod review live

Live stream library

Use live streams to watch & review games as they are unfolding.

vod review library

VOD library

Find any game of any popular competition by team, player, and champion.

[NEW] See all player Point Of Views

Whether you are in the same room or work remotely whether it is a live stream or a VOD, we got you covered.

pov vod review

[NEW] Point of Views

Switch between points of view to get a complete picture of the situation.

group recording vod review

[NEW] Screen recording

Record all player screens and automatically upload as a single game.

pov vod review
group recording vod review

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What coaches think of Enlyo

⭐️  ⭐️  ⭐️  ⭐️  ⭐️

Enlyo has been a godsend for structuring, preparing and conducting our sessions with players. 

The tool is invaluable for the learning process and allows staff to provide clear instructions on a real time basis that I believe makes the difference between fixing mistakes in a timely manner or not at all.

Karl ‘Reclamation’ Dixon

Head coach Prime league

⭐️  ⭐️  ⭐️  ⭐️  ⭐️

I’ve been using Enlyo the past year for both individual & team coaching and have enjoyed it immensely so far. 

I’m always amazed at the speed at which they’re launching new features and like the interaction with the development team. They truly listen to their users and are always open for new ideas that we all benefit from.

Max ‘Raqo’ Temminck

Head coach Prime league

See how Raqo use Enlyo in this VOD review example.

vod review prime league
vod review nlc
vod review lfl
vod review software lol
vod review cblol

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