Reviewing your gameplay has never been so easy!

VOD reviews are an essential tool for the serious gamer that is looking to improve. With Enlyo, you can automatically record your gameplay, find your strengths & weaknesses, and share your insights with the world

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Automatically record your gameplay

The last thing you want to worry about while playing is recording your screen. We have got you covered! Simply start playing and the recording starts. Finished playing? The VOD is automatically uploaded to our cloud

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Mark key moments of the game

Each game contains fights, strategic decisions, and other key moments. Those are the ones you want to analyse in detail. Mark & categorise key moments at the click of a button. All moments are automatically stored in your personal library

Annotate key moments

Writing down your observations forces you to structure your thoughts and helps you remember when looking at a moment later. Add general comments or time-specific notes and use drawing to further visualise your insights

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Review your gameplay together

Looking at your gameplay with your coach or a friend helps identify your strengths and weaknesses. Share your gameplay and analyse it together. Others can mark additional moments or comment on existing ones. You can even analyse a game in real time remotely!

Built together with professional esport coaches

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Enlyo has been a godsend for structuring, preparing and conducting our sessions with players

The tool is invaluable for the learning process and allows staff to provide clear instructions on a real time basis that I believe makes the difference between fixing mistakes in a timely manner or not at all

Karl ‘Reclamation’ Dixon

Head coach Prime league

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I’ve been using Enlyo the past year for both individual & team coaching and have enjoyed it immensely so far 

I’m always amazed at the speed at which they’re launching new features and like the interaction with the development team. They truly listen to their users and are always open for new ideas that we all benefit from

Max ‘Raqo’ Temminck

Head coach Prime league

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