Group review: the best tool for VOD review sessions remotely

Looking for the best tool for doing VOD review sessions remotely? The Enlyo VOD review tool has a fantastic Group Review feature. Create a great coaching environment where you can review together in the same sesssion, control the player buttons, visualize maps, make drawings and add notes. Get all the best tools you need as an Esport coach in one place!

The best tool for VOD review sessions remotely

Start a group review session together with the entire team remotely. With Enlyo you can draw, share notes and create an interactive session. Your mouse behaves like a laser so you’ll see the movement of the team on the screen continuously. 

How can you start a group review session remotely?


1. Go to the video you’d like to start the group review session with.

2. At the top right click  “Start group review session” and hit “Start session”.

3. Share the copied group review link with your team via discord, e-mail, anywhere. 

4. Your team can now join the group and the remote review and collaboration can begin. 

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Need inspiration for your review session?


Watch Raqo’s group review session in Enlyo:

VOD review software Help center

You can find more documentation about the drawing tool in our VOD review software in our Help center. Create an account, import the YouTube video of your game and start analyzing & drawing!

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Spectacular VOD review

Bring your reviews to the next level with a player just designed for VOD review in League of Legends.

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Get organized and capture every key moment of a game with just one click.

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VOD library of 10.000+ games

Analyze your next opponent, scout potential new players, or use top-level games as inspiration.

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The VOD review software is definitely suitable for your Esport game. You can do VOD reviews for League of Legends, Counter Strike, Rocket League, Fortnite, Overwatch and many more!

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